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About us

You are looking for investment opportunities in Germany? You want to gain access to the German and/or Central European market through strategic acquisitions? You prefer established SME’s, i.e. smaller or medium-sized companies from the German “Mittelstand”?

With our focus on national and international M&A transactions and with excellent contacts in the German SME sector, we offer what you need: reliable and professional support for your corporate acquisition in Germany.

We are partner of con|cess® M&A-network, combining the skills and experience of 18 successful M&A-consultants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



Our services



Buying companies

We advise and help you to structure corporate transactions. Since 1999 our network of con|cess® M&A-partners has advised on more than 600 transactions in the German mid-sized business sector, thus guaranteeing competence and experience and a trusting relationship. A high and growing number of ever present purchases offers from our network ensures your chances for a successful takeover. With our support, you take an easy path into the German market.

Valuation of SMEs

Before purchasing a SME, a valuation should be carried out according to generally accepted and customary market principles and procedures. As certified and experienced company valuation analysts, we create transparency for you regarding the value - whether as an indication or by means of an expert opinion in accordance with IdW standards (i.e. standards of the German Institute of Auditors). As your direct link to companies in Germany, we also help you understand regional markets, standards and customs.

State aid for investments, ongoing costs
and/or R&D-projects

We have many years of experience in the acquisition of subsidies, be it for investments, ongoing costs and/or for R&D-projects. When buying a company in Germany, we will check how and if you can support your investment with subsidies from European, federal, state or municipal level. If subsidies for your project are possible, we help you through the application process from the first concept via all necessary formalities and including communication with funding authorities.

Support in Post Merger

The individual layout of corporate transactions varies widely: In SME-companies, the seller usually commits himself to a transition phase with an orderly handover to the buyer, sometimes personally passing on the customers, sometimes training the new Managing Director provided by the buyer. Sometimes a buyer wishes the now old entrepreneur to take over an advisory function in the company. If you do not have a foothold in Germany yet, assistance in looking for new management may be sought.
So whatever the individual layout of your transaction, we offer you comprehensive advice for this important PMI-phase after the purchase.



Managing Director
Dr. Christian Heimann

Based on a bank apprenticeship and a business degree with specialization in investment and financing, I worked for 23 years in responsible positions in the areas of M&A (national/international), corporate finance, commercial management and commercial interim management. This included 15 years as managing director of two investment companies in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

There I was responsible for almost 100 transactions and financings involving small and medium-sized companies. In addition I held various advisory and supervisory board mandates. In recent years, I received comprehensive training on all issues concerning M&A-transactions. In addition, I am a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) working on the basis of IdW, EACVA and NACVA-standards.

In 2014 I started CHBBG Dr. Heimann Beteiligungs- und Beratungsges. mbH, my own independent management consultancy.

Investment Analyst
Jana Köhne, M.A.

Investment Analyst
Henning Hoffmeister


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We speak German, English, French.

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